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October 02, 2007


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In my opinion, this is about more than "the status of Native Americans in our nation today". This is about the state of our soul as a nation. This is about the celebration of genocide, not about disrespecting people who "happen to disagree". I can see no other reason for the insistence on staging a Columbus Day celebration as a way of honoring Italian heritage. Columbus was a genocidal opportunist, someone to be ashamed of rather than celebrated. There is nothing at all about his legacy worthy of being celebrated. To celebrate him is to wallow in all that is most disgraceful about our national history, a history of racism and violence that continues to this day because we have never really come to terms with it. It's the same impulse that animates George W. Bush in his dreadful and disastrous foreign policy. We need to disavow Columbus and everything about his legacy, and protesting against Columbus Day is the place to start.

Tolerance and understanding ...

Fiesta de la Raza

Día de la Raza

You can be inclusive ... or disparage the viewpoint of other ethnic Americans.

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