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June 15, 2005


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Firstly, Dave, these are not undocumented workers these are law-breakers. Do we let ‘undocumented CPAs do our taxes? Do we allow ‘undocumented’ doctors to open offices? Do we allow ‘undocumented’ pilots to fly for United? This is a country of laws and the congress has decided to selectively enforce some against those who may influence votes for them and that is obvious. NO, Dave, these are not UNDOCUMENTED, these are illegals. However, I think there IS a way to move this idea forward faster, make up a list of businesses that only employ LEGAL immigrants. If I know where to get goods and services where I would be supporting law abiding American businesses I would always patronize them first. Levy the fines on the law-breakers and reward the good guys. This whole ‘denial’ thing about law-breakers is a loser, fine and boycott the employers to a degree they won’t use illegals, support the legal employers. When congress decides to ‘selectively enforce’ the tax laws in this country, call me, until then enforce all the existing laws and punish those who bread the law to the full extent of the law, don’t try and varnish it by calling them undocumented.

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