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November 01, 2006


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An Addendum: It was the worst kind of 'politics as usual' yesterday -- $1000 a plate for lunch -- how many folks do you know who can afford that kind of meal fare? What kind of increase in the minimum wage would it take for the working people of the 7th Congressional District to throw down a thousand dollars for a tuna salad and a roll?

That's what the Democrat Party charged for the 'honor' of 'luncheon' served during a 20 minute political pep talk by Bill Clinton. Just six days from the election, the traditional politicians are still grubbing for thousands and thousands of dollars. What a prime example of where the priorities are for the old, special-interest-driven political parties.

Of course, Rick O'Donnell is guilty of the same obsessive fixation with raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on attack TV ads and sleazy mailings. We refer to the July 22nd visit by George W. Bush that garnered $600,000 for the Republican.

This is the truth: neither of the two big party candidates will effect much change if elected because their campaigns have shown that they are eager, willing participants in a corrupt process. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests to spend on negative advertising -- they will hardly turn and bite the hand that feeds them should they gain office.

You can vote for a fresh approach to politics and government -- have the courage to vote for real, genuine change. Vote for Dave.

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