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November 02, 2007


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Sandra Tetley is very brave to stand up to the District bullies. Nationwide, once a parent stands up for their rights, they are silenced with threats like these. If we don't shut up, the districts will use the system to harass us. Suddenly the police start ticketing our cars, our children and their friends get arrested, CPS shows up at the door, they file 'truancy' charges...the list is endless.

What's ironic about this charge of "slander" is that the Districts themselves start a whispering campaign against activist parents, calling them liars to the other "lemming" parents who mindlessly support the district, so no one will believe them. No one wants that kind of hassle.

One mother (Marie Wagenaar) went before the Appoquinimink School Board in Delaware and exposed District employees in a public meeting in April 2004 about their filthy doings to an autistic 5-year old child and the persecution of her family and to herself. What came of this abuse of power and the people behind it? Nothing.

This drum needs to be beat in this case. Every Galveston parent who has been mistreated needs to step up and demand the State remove all the administrators. Let them feel a little zero tolerance. School administrators who abuse their power and use state resources as their personal pit bull should at the very least be fired.

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