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January 24, 2011


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See SB 11-69, which is an attempt to put some controls on this.

as with many other things, when you control the system of education, you can censure thought and ideas and speech by leaving out things many would consider necessary for a complete education. Already the elimination of music and physical education programs and the inclusion of a more conservative non-secular slant in history and politics.

ather, a bill is needed which states: Under the bill, NO private corporation or foundation (including educational management organizations (EMOs)) or individual shall contract with a school district, a board of cooperative services, or a charter school (a local education provider) to operate a public school (defined as any educational institution within the state of Colorado that receives funding from taxation) nor shall any tax revenues be used for the payment of tuition, fees, or other services provided by such corporations, foundations, or individuals.

To quote the article:"The problem is not public schools; it is poverty. And as dozens of studies have shown, the gap in cognitive, physical, and social development between children in poverty and middle-class children is set by age three." Teachers in my family have been saying this for over thirty years!

Allowing private entities to determine educational policy profits the few and ignores the imperative for social justice.

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