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May 26, 2016


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Nixon wasn't impeached. He resigned.

Thanks, Mr Chandler, for the comprehensive list. Likening Mrs. Clinton to Nixon is spot on, including Watergate. But the two disasters he started that I fear a Clinton administration would emulate were the "War on Drugs" and HMOs. I do not see how anyone could vote for her, knowing she'll kowtow to whomever or whatever would advance herself and her agenda, not the people of the USA.

Shannon Morris: You are correct that Nixon was not impeached. That is only because he resigned instead of facing the House articles. The House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment against him and reported those articles to the House of Representatives.

Bill Clinton was impeached by the House but was acquitted by the Senate as was Andrew Jackson. We must consider the desirability of having the Clintons back in the White House. With all I know about them, my answer is a resounding NO!

Any and every candidate will kowtow to special interest, and the Donald just happens to be his own special interest. How about a similar piece on that other major candidate? There is plenty out there to help you realize that the devil you know (who may flip flop, but has been doing the work for 40 years) is better than the ('four Pinocchio' lying. climate denying) devil you don't.

Being a person that believes in the 2nd Amendment, the market economy and limited government, I obviously will not vote for Hillary. However, I heard her husband, Bill speak last night. Bill talked like the centrist that he is, yet the night before I heard speakers talk like socialists (in the vain of the British Labour, Australian Labour and the New Democratic Party in Canada). Is Hillary a socialist now? Hillary does not need to be President, we do not need anymore Nixonian scandals in the White House. I will vote for Trump as until the USA develops a good third party that is not socialist, believes in the Liberal economy (Liberal like Adam Smith), assures States Rights and is Cruz-less. I believe in looking at all candidates and tend to vote according to my center-right beliefs in order my views to be heard. I dislike our two party system and think we need a third party to represent persons like me.
Enough ranting thank you

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